Conventions & Meetings

The courses that are subsidized by the Division of Orthpaedic Surgery include:

AO Basic/Advanced (PGY 1 - 2) up to $400.00

ATLS (PGY-1) up to $1,000.00

POS (PGY-1) up to $1,250.00

Discretionary Funds (PGY 3 - 5) up to $5,000.00

Attendance at any meeting, including the above, that will entail absence from clinical assignments must be arranged well in advance with the Chairman and clinical responsibilities covered on assignment teaching units.

Any residents who have submitted an abstract to the Canadian Orthopaedic Residents' Association Meeting may be eligible to attend this meeting with appropriate approval, provided it falls within allocated away time.

The maximum total time away from work to attend conferences must not exceed seven working days per year, including travel to and from meetings. Any additional time will be taken from vacation time. All away time will be coordinated by the Chief of Service.